Expert Car Diagnostics in Swindon by Qualified Technicians

At MOT Auto Centre, we perform car diagnostics using advanced computerised code reading equipment to identify faults quickly and accurately. If an engine warning light has appeared on your vehicle dashboard, the problem needs investigating as soon as possible. At our garage in Swindon, our expert team of technicians will be able to help diagnose the issue before serious damage occurs and recommend any potential car repairs needed.

Technically-Advanced Car Diagnostics

Most modern vehicles have an on-board computer known as the Engine Control Unit (ECU), which monitors vehicle performance via sensors fitted all over the vehicle. If there is a problem such as low tyre pressure or high engine temperature, the sensors will pick up the fault and send a signal back to the ECU. This is then highlighted to the driver through a dashboard warning light.

While the warning light alerts you to an issue, car diagnostics are still recommended to more accurately identify the issue and the extent of the problem. At MOT Auto Centre in Swindon, we use technically-advanced and highly innovative methods to inspect your vehicle. Our qualified technicians are trained to operate specialist code reading equipment, which can access stored fault codes in your ECU and highlight any issues straight away.

If we do find any serious problems during car diagnostics, we will always contact you with a free estimate before going ahead with any work. Our Swindon-based team is highly experienced in a range automotive services including high-quality repairs and we use approved OEM replacement parts. Once the problem as has been fixed, we can use specialist equipment to clear the fault light on your dashboard.

Common Dashboard Warning Lights

There are hundreds of different warning lights that indicate various vehicle issues. These are usually displayed on your dashboard and are colour coded to show their level of importance, from green to amber to red. Below, we’ve listed some of the most common dashboard warning lights that motorists in Swindon may come across.

Battery – Relating to a problem with the car’s charging system, usually either the battery or alternator.

Oil Pressure – Signifying anything from low oil levels to serious engine problems, with the best course of action to turn off your engine and seek mechanical assistance.

Tyre Pressure – This indicates that the pressure in one or more of your vehicle’s tyres is low, often resolved by adding more air.

Brake System Light – Either you’ve left the handbrake on, your car is low on brake fluid or there is a serious fault with your brakes.

Airbag Warning Light – Relating to an issue with the airbags in your vehicle, which must be inspected by a reputable diagnostics centre such as our own.

For high-quality car diagnostics in the Swindon area, call MOT Auto Centre today on 01793 700345 or 07731 554749. We offer free, no-obligation quotations.